If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the committee chair or click on the “Join Now” button next to each committee.

Chair – Deborah Decker

  • To improve exempt staff members sense of validation for their contributions to DSU by establishing regular recognition through exempt staff awards. (employee of the semester and employee of the year)
  • To foster a sense of belonging for exempt staff members by creating an orderly process for nominating peers for the exempt staff employee of the semester and year awards.
  • To promote the recognition of underrepresented exempt staff members by enhancing inclusion and equality through a fair and regular selection process for employee of the semester and year nominations.

Committee members: Cameron Draper, Cari Heizer, Steve Roberts, Baako Wahabu

Meeting Time 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 pm as needed.

Chair – Josh Thayn

The ESA and CSA have joined forces to form the Compensation Committee. The Compensation Committee is dedicated to:

  • The study of issues such as salary, benefits and workload, as well as any unmet needs of the staff and campus community
  • Strive to improve the working conditions, benefits, salaries and professional status of its members as they help to fulfill the university mission
  • Foster good employee morale and work experiences for all DSU staff

Committee Members: Sylvia Bradshaw, Shannon Broad, Sheila Cannon, Dennis Cox, Joel Griffin, Clinton Hansen, Kitty Hughes, Jonathan Morrell, Tracey O’Kelly, Tom Picklesimer, Bryan Poulsen, Kim Seaich, Ali Threet, Michele Tisdale
Compensation Committee meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM in HCC357/Terry Conference Room.

Chair – Cari Heizer

The mission of the DSU Wellness Committee is to promote a climate where faculty and staff can become more engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviors through health and wellness resources, information, programs, and services.

Taking responsibility for one’s health and well-being is an essential part of a person’s ability to contribute to the work and mission of DSU. The committee works to alert the staff and faculty regarding health programs available at DSU and works together with the Wellness Center to provide services that staff and faculty desire.
Committee Members:  Eldon Gibb (CSA Health & Wellness Chair), Everton Araujo, Shannon Broad, Ken Beazer, Michelle Cabana, Deborah Decker, Richard Featherstone, Katie Kamachi, Van Mangus, Christian Wright

Health & Wellness Committee meetings are held on the “teen” Tuesday of each month

Chair – Jared Johnson

The ESA and CSA have joined forces to form to form the Legislative Committee. The Legislative Committee is dedicated to:

  • Work with UHESA’s Legislative goals to push for Cost of Living increases across Higher Education
  • Be a respected voice with the Utah Legislature on issues that are affecting Higher Education and Staff
  • Promote and Encourage staff involvement in the Legislative process
  • Inform ESA/CSA members on Legislative action that is important to DSU staff
  • Promote being more politically active with our local State Representatives

ESA Committee members: Cameron Draper, Michelle Cabana, Cindy Cole, Bryant Flake, Chris Gifford, Henrie Walton

Co-Chairs – Andrea Brown, Candi Pierce, Jill Davenport

The ESA and CSA have joined forces to form the Professional Development Committee. The Professional Development Committee is dedicated to:

  • Supporting DSU’s strategic plan efforts that relate to staff professional development and collaborating with the Human Resources department on these initiatives
  • Identifying, offering, and supporting funding opportunities through the ESA/CSA budgets to supplement the costs of professional development activities for staff through an application-based process
  • Providing professional development opportunities and educating staff on the current process and opportunities available
  • Recommending University policy and procedure updates related to staff professional development

Committee members: Christine Arlotti, Sheila Cannon, Beverly Clark, Jon Gibb, Katie Kamachi, Rae Matalolo, Ken Richmond, Debi Robinson, Baako Wahabu

Professional Development Committee meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. in HCC 550

Co-Chairs – Daneka Souberbielle, Jonathan Morrell

The welcome and Events committee is committed to:

  • Visiting all new Exempt Staff Employees. Visits will be made once a semester (September, February, and June). Visits include information about ESA, a small DSU token, tour of the ESA website, and a group of happy and excited people.
  • Improving and updating the ESA website to use as an orientation guide to the new ESA members.
  • Encouraging interaction and collaboration between ESA members. During events, we honor/recognize ESA member achievements, welcome new members, present/disseminate information and EAT!

Committee Members: Julie Goodsell, Kaylie Romney, Joyce Meyer, Jordon Sharp

Welcome and Events Committee meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:00 PM, SAC Study Lounge.